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10 Must Read Inspirational Books - thru August 2018

If you know me, you are aware that I'm an avid reader. In fact, it is August 2018, and I've already found the time to enjoy 90 books for the year. Less than 1% of my time is spent in front of the television as it holds ZERO interest for me.

Below is a list of my most recent favorite inspiring books. They have helped me stay my path towards spiritual enlightenment as well as my path to career growth. Enjoy! Please share your thoughts on these books or others you think I would love!

1. Rise Sister Rise - Rebecca Campbell
Rise Sister Rise
2. Light is the New Black - Rebecca Campbell
Light is the New Black
3. Soul Shifts: Transformative Wisdom for Creating a Life of Authentic Awakening, Emotional Freedom, and Practical Spirituality - Barbara De Angeles
Soul Shifts

4. The Basics of Mysticism, Defining the Six Facets of Spiritual Development - Mischa Alyea
Basics of Mysticism

5. The Warrior Goddess Way, Claiming the Woman you are Dest…

Playground Mommies or Daddies

Things do not always go according to our dream.Back when I was pregnant, I dreamed of the day when I would take my little girl to the playground. She would play with the other children while I would become fast friends with the other moms bonding over parenthood responsibilities. Ha! Yeah, Right!

Fellow moms rarely glace up from their phones to watch their children at play, let alone have an in person conversation. Half the time, I’m even given the side eye. Like I don’t notice the unusual twist of your neck or your eyeballs bugging out at the side of your eyes trying to get a good look at me. Now…dads on the other hand seem to like conversation and bonding over parenting. As a generalization, they seem to enjoy watching their kids at play rather than looking at their phone.
Don’t get me wrong, I have an addition to my phone as well, but I’m too darn afraid my two year old will take off running in the opposite direction to look down at my phone longer than it takes me to attempt to cap…

Friday Funnies

Oh, the difficulty and drama of Friday mornings. Having to wake up early when all you really want to do is lie in bed and daydream. A toddler who wants to stay home to play rather than get dressed for daycare.

This Friday morning was no different. Mommy lounging a little longer in bed while my two year old was eating her breakfast and watching her morning shows. Suddenly I heard a bit of giggling. Giggling from a two year can never be good! I jumped out of bed to find my child gleefully slathering on a thick layer of hand soap across her face, in her hair, down her arms and legs. I'm already running late from my longer bout of lounging and now I need to give her a bath. Lovely. Just so you know, it takes A LOT of scrubbing to get all that soap and subsequent bubbles off.

We finally get in the car and are almost to daycare when I hear the Velcro on her shoes. Great, now she is taking off her shoes and won't want to put them back on. No problem...she is almost her daycare's …

Lionsgate 8/8/18

Lion's Gate is here! What exactly is this in astrological terms, you ask?

Lion's Gate portal opening occurs annually during the astrological sign of Leo, i.e. the name lion.  Each year on August 8, the portal known as Lion's Gate opens. This event is a cosmic alignment between the planet Earth, the star Sirius, and the Galactic Center. To be exact, Sirius, the brightest star we can see from Earth, lines up directly with the pyramids in Giza. In ancient time, the Nile river rose in response to this event signifying abundance. This alignment allows an influx of cosmic energy flow between the physical and spiritual realms. When all three shift into alignment, a period of awakening and accelerated ascension begins.

The number eight represent balance between the material and immaterial worlds. This is a time for solar plexus work to regain our balance, confidence, and energy. Release your over-stressed self!

Take this to time reflect on big things such as relationships, career …

Be the Hot Pink in a Sea of Black

Talk to almost anyone about me, and you will hear that I always seem to walk to the beat of my own drum. I do my own thing whether that includes spontaneously moving for a new job, showing up for an accountants interview with purple hair or choosing to have a child on my own.

Years ago, I was that gal who wore bright pinks and yellows to my stodgy professional job. Just before an important interview, I freshened up the purple in my hair, so it wouldn't look too faded. Why wear matching earrings, right? 

Eventually life got heavy, so I found it easier to conform to the "norms" laid out before me. My wake up call came when I decided to do the single mommy by choice thing. Out came the bright clothes, mismatched earrings, and bright lipsticks. I flung that door wide open and stepped back into the light of my true self. I am filled with such genuine happiness and joy of living my best and true life.

As long as you are mindful and harm nobody, be yourself. Don't let anybody …

Lost in the Struggle

As I begin another work work, I take this time to reflect and remember my gratitude.

Many years ago, I started along my path towards "self". What is my purpose? Is my purpose to work to pay bills and eventually die without leaving a legacy? I sure hope not. My road has had many twists, turns, and road blocks along the way, and I constantly remind myself that I'm still evolving but am already a totally different person than I was back then.

As a child growing up in the United States Midwest, I was raised Catholic. I rebelled against the thought of going to church or taking any religion classes. For this, I was thankful for a public school education. Even though I refused so much of this religious education, some lessons seeped through regardless.

As a young adult I moved far from that life in the Midwest to sunny Southern California where there is no "normal". Even with so much open to me, I floated through my 20's completely lost. I didn't feel a purpo…

Remembering my Gratitude - Friday Reflections

Friday Reflections - Remembering my Gratitude

In my line of work and lifestyle, Fridays are a perfect time for reflection on the week. Generally, I'm finishing up my work week with no Saturday excitement or Sunday blues to distract me.

Today I work on remembering gratitude. Yes, I read self-help books, listen to podcasts, take the classes, and try meditation - more on meditation at a different time, but now is the time to practice what I learn.

Life gets busy with work and kids and all the expectations placed upon us, therefore; I find that I need to stop everything, breathe, listen to my body and mind, and be thankful. While drowning in life's ciaos, it is very easy to forget all of our blessings. Let's face it, being an accountant, even in the entertainment industry, is not a glamorous career. After a long day of being submerged in numbers and inundated with clients' constant questions and complaints, I come home to my two year old. Now as a single mom by choice with…

JOMO for the win!

FOMO? No way! JOMO!

We live in a fast paced society surrounded with all the latest high tech gadgets and all the social media one could dream of.  Everywhere we turn, a friend, i.e. virtual friend, is sharing their latest travels, promotions, engagements, weddings, new children, old children, and on and on and on.  You get the point. While we sit behind our keyboards and view these exciting posts, one may start to re-evaluate what he or she has going on, and then start to get anxiety, depressed, or begin to spend money to keep up with the online Jones.

Sure, I did the re-evaluating thing for a minute or two as well.

But then... I realized I really do not have FOMO, or fear of missing out.  I have JOMO, joy of missing out. Would I like to travel more and have exciting ventures to post about? Sure! But my most exciting venture is just living my life enjoying my career and extremely active two year old. I love coming home after a busy day in the office to enjoy my child as she jumps from…

Hot mess momma

Morning reflections... Isn't it amazing that in only two years, my morning accomplishment is to get two people out of the house, dressed, hair combed and teeth brushed on time. I must not minimize the wonderful days in which my little human kindly gets in her car seat without a fuss. I used to sleep in as long as possible, rush to get ready for work, and rush out the door. No more of that! Now I sit in my office, have my first sip of coffee, hope nobody sees how big of a hot mess mom I really am, and remind myself that I've got this. Also, I take a quick peek to double check that my feet have matching shoes on. 
BUT...I wouldn't trade any of this crazy life for anything in the world. Love and light to all who have been a part of this crazy journey called life.

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Thoughts on Lammas... This is the time of year we begin to harvest what we sow during spring planting, therefore; Lammas is recognized as first harvest. These spring plantings may be what grows in our fields and flowerbeds or may be the seed you have planted to manifest something within yourself or in your life. We celebrate and give thanks for the work we have done. Today meals shall contain breads and grains. Sacred spaces, homes, and offices will be decorated with lovely fall colors of pale yellow and gold, deep orange, green, dark red. Fill your space with beautiful colors and fragrance incense, flowers, herbs such as cedarwood, cinnamon, ginger, poppies and sunflowers. Take today to glory in the work you have put in thus far in 2018. I leave you with Lammas blessings as I sit and gaze at my lovely sunflowers. Please join my Facebook Community: