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Lionsgate 8/8/18

Lion's Gate is here! What exactly is this in astrological terms, you ask?

Lion's Gate portal opening occurs annually during the astrological sign of Leo, i.e. the name lion.  Each year on August 8, the portal known as Lion's Gate opens. This event is a cosmic alignment between the planet Earth, the star Sirius, and the Galactic Center. To be exact, Sirius, the brightest star we can see from Earth, lines up directly with the pyramids in Giza. In ancient time, the Nile river rose in response to this event signifying abundance. This alignment allows an influx of cosmic energy flow between the physical and spiritual realms. When all three shift into alignment, a period of awakening and accelerated ascension begins.

The number eight represent balance between the material and immaterial worlds. This is a time for solar plexus work to regain our balance, confidence, and energy. Release your over-stressed self!

Take this to time reflect on big things such as relationships, career changes, home, travel, soul work, and letting go of material possessions. This is the time to look at your biggest questions and ask yourself if it is serving your higher self and authentic truth.

Do not jump in and make major changes you were not preparing for, but take this opportunity to reflect and begin making a shift towards what will better serve you.

With this alignment, take some time to meditate. Listen to the energy streams in your body. Focus on what you are feeling. Release negative emotions and ramp up positive feelings. What small change can you make? Begin to elevate your authentic truth and shift your universe and spirit to what is in alignment for your highest good.

Love to you all.

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