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Remembering my Gratitude - Friday Reflections

Friday Reflections - Remembering my Gratitude

In my line of work and lifestyle, Fridays are a perfect time for reflection on the week. Generally, I'm finishing up my work week with no Saturday excitement or Sunday blues to distract me.

Today I work on remembering gratitude. Yes, I read self-help books, listen to podcasts, take the classes, and try meditation - more on meditation at a different time, but now is the time to practice what I learn.

Life gets busy with work and kids and all the expectations placed upon us, therefore; I find that I need to stop everything, breathe, listen to my body and mind, and be thankful. While drowning in life's ciaos, it is very easy to forget all of our blessings. Let's face it, being an accountant, even in the entertainment industry, is not a glamorous career. After a long day of being submerged in numbers and inundated with clients' constant questions and complaints, I come home to my two year old. Now as a single mom by choice with my family far away, I do this mommy thing completely on my own. It is easy to see how I could lose some of the enjoyment that surrounds having a toddler in my face and under my feet all the time, rather than enjoy that time with her.

Therefore...this week, my gratitude is for a wonderful career that allows me the freedom to raise a child on my own both financially and emotionally. I'm also grateful to my toddler for keeping me on my toes and reminding me to breathe and just have some fun. I mean, who doesn't like tickle time, playing with building blocks, and coloring with washable markets, right?

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