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Thoughts on Lammas...
This is the time of year we begin to harvest what we sow during spring planting, therefore; Lammas is recognized as first harvest. These spring plantings may be what grows in our fields and flowerbeds or may be the seed you have planted to manifest something within yourself or in your life.
We celebrate and give thanks for the work we have done. Today meals shall contain breads and grains. Sacred spaces, homes, and offices will be decorated with lovely fall colors of pale yellow and gold, deep orange, green, dark red. Fill your space with beautiful colors and fragrance incense, flowers, herbs such as cedarwood, cinnamon, ginger, poppies and sunflowers.
Take today to glory in the work you have put in thus far in 2018. I leave you with Lammas blessings as I sit and gaze at my lovely sunflowers.
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